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Netsight CLI Telnet/SSH automatic Login

New Contributor III
is the netsight capable of auto login when we use the telnet or ssh? when we right click the devices and choose telnet or ssh we need to login manually (Username and Password). is there any way to auto login using the credential we setup in cli credential option? thanks

New Contributor III
Hi david, Thanks for the info.

Hi Stephen,

I there a way to autologin to the switches now with the last version?

I can see that with the web version of XMC we can do it (losing the previous commands recall) but with the JAVA NetSight legacy console we still need to enter usernames and passwords (but we have a real Putty-like session).


NetSight it great and I enjoy working with it. For telnet and ssh sessions we use Secure CRT it allows you to save sessions in folders which you can then share with coworkers as needed. If you are using generic logins such as admin you can even set it to save the login info to the same folder so that can be shared as well.

Just a thought

Contributor II
Currently auto login is not supported.