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Trying to use XMC to download summit firmware and getting an error incomplete command

New Contributor II
I have an X450G2 24 port test switch and I wanted to see if XMC (Netsight) could push the newer SummitX- firmware file to it. The firmware is loaded and I attempted to have this pushed to the switch. After about 8 minutes or so of no progress, it eventually errored out. I went over to the Events tab and under the Inventory Server category there is a Firmware Download Event with the following details:

Firmware Download summitX- ( - Error Downloading Firmware. See event log for details. : X450G2-24p-G4.1 # enable %% Incomplete command X450G2-24p-G4.2 # upgrade tftp:// ^ %% Invalid input detected at '^' marker. X450G2-24p-G4.3 # exit

Any idea how to get this to work? This is my test switch and I want to perfect this capability before I would attempt to use it on my core X690s someday when I get the courage to update each VRRP capable core.

New Contributor II
Nevermind, figured it out. Had to do Set configuration, choose Script for both options and then ExtremeXOS - TFTP for Device Family Definition Filename. It worked!