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XMC 8.2 and missing Topology Definitions and Services Definitions nodes in the Global Tree view

I've installed a new XMC version with an evaluation license and also installed the Fabric Manager VM also version
Now in my View menù I see the Fabric view option and I'm able to see the Fabric Topology, but are missing in the Global Treee View the new node Topology Definitions and Service Definitions necessary for the Provisioning.
Is necessary to add another license respect the XMC evaluation license or is necessary to enable this function somewhere in the XMC configuration?

Thanks in advance.

Hi, I've installed XMC version and I'm trying to use the XMC Provisionin UI to provisioning Fabric Connect to few Virtual VOSS switches.
I'm trying to replicate what I've already done by CLI in the same lab with the script spbm, but when also if I've followed the screenshot of example that are in the release notes of XMC version 8.2 for the new features, is not clear how to do all the steps for have the same configuration with UI as is done via CLI.
For example I've defined the Fabric Topology template, the Fabric Services, and App services (the L2VSN and L3VSN) and so on, but when I apply the Topology to the Site, and then after the customization of the configuration on the devices of the my Fabric Cloud of lab, I've enforced the configuration, but there are several setting that are missed.
Is there a step by step example on how to do a complete configuration of a little scenario all from the XMC UI, starting from clean voss switches discovered by ZTP+ ?

Ok, thanks.

Hi, first of all, this is not an official release, you shouldn't use it. It's expected things are not working, not finished, on such builds.

You should wait for the official EA release, which should become available soon.

As for ZTP+, this is not part of this release and it's also dependent on VOSS. This is a roadmap item for VOSS, and you should ask your local SE for more information.

So for enable in the beta version the XMC UI provisioning is necessary a Beta key?
The monitoring is working instead without beta keys