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How to connect K7100-Series VSB to S8 over 10GB-4-F20-QSFP

New Contributor
K7100 --- QSFP+ connected to Port fg.1.4 (set speed to 10000) and
S8 --- 4 x SFP+ connected to tg.5.4, tg.5.5 (Modul5) and tg.4.4, tg.4.5 Modul4)
Is this right to connect? Or do I have to use 4 x 10G on one Modul (for example Modul4)?
How to configure the LAG on both sides?



New Contributor
Thanks a lot Daniel,
now we designed a lag of 8 Ports on S8, so we are taking advantage of the redundancy provided by bonding now. All works fine. Many thanks

New Contributor II
I think this should work. One thing about this design is that you are not taking advantage of the redundancy provided by bonding but it is understandable given your hardware layout on the bonded 7100. It could be a waste to consume two 40GB ports to gain the redundancy if you do not have other 10GB devices to use the spare ports.