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EAP port roles on transit switch

Can anyone explain the significance of primary and secondary ports for a transit switch within an EAPS ring? I understand that for a master switch this identifies which port would be blocked for the associated VLANs under normal operation, but what d...

Paul by New Contributor III
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EXOS proof of Concept

Hello Everyone,Actually Im about to do a PoC to one of our Customers and i’m looking for ideas that can help me to do a successful POC for EXOS Switches, especially for end-users that has Cisco (Catalyst or Nexus) access switches in their network, i ...

thalabi by New Contributor
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X435 fanspeed - SNMP OID

Hello,I have another question about X435:The X435 switch reports incorrect fanspeed in SNMP OID .!@#.iso.org.dod.internet.private.enterprises.extremenetworks.extremeAgent.extremeSystem.extremeSystemCommon.ex...

AntonS_0-1664356703422.png AntonS_1-1664356703425.png
AntonS by Contributor II
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