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how many eaps ring can be configured that use a shared link

Contributor II
We have now two eaps rings (blue and green) that use a shared link. We want to create a thrid eaps ring (yellow)
Can this ring also use the shared link?


Johan Hendrik System Architect Audax

Contributor II
Good morning Johan,

What you're trying to do should work fine. EAPS ring Yellow can also use the existing shared-link Blue and Green are using.

As far as I am aware, the number of EAPS rings currently supported across a single common link is equivalent to the number of EAPS rings currently supported on the platform+license you're using. So. If you have the Advanced Edge license on say, X460-G2, then you're looking at 64 EAPS domains. You find details around limitations in the firmware release notes and feature license requirements.

Hope this answers your question