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i cant understand vlan configuration

i cant understand vlan configuration

New Contributor

the previous network engineer has configure the network and i am trying to understand the configuration

create vlan "data_managment"
configure vlan data_managment tag 1702
create vlan "KKK"
configure vlan KKK tag 771
create vlan "test"
configure vlan test tag 777
create vlan "voice"
configure vlan voice tag 10

configure vlan data_managment add ports 46-50 tagged
configure vlan KKK add ports 49-50 tagged
configure vlan test add ports 1-50 untagged
configure vlan voice add ports 1-50 tagged

configure vlan data_managment ipaddress
configure vlan test ipaddress
configure vlan KKK ipaddress
configure vlan voice ipaddress

ports 49 and 50 are connected to the core switch

i am new in extreme switch so i want to ask

first is it must to have ports untagged if they are connected to pc or telephone

second how does the switch distinguish the vlan suppose we connect a pc to port 1

how the switch will know its kkk or voice or test

if i connect a pc it will get ip and if i connect a telephone it will get