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Problem to configure STP BPDUGuard and LLDP on X460-g2

Problem to configure STP BPDUGuard and LLDP on X460-g2

Hi all,
we are using a lot of C5-, G3 and K10 Serie switches as edge devices and have configured them with following restrictions:
- all edge ports must use MAC- and 802.1X- authentication
- all edge ports has to disable the port if BPDU's will received (spanguard enabled, timeout 0 and port configured as adminedge)
- without authentication it's not allow that the port send out traffic (no vlan egress)

Now he want to replace some C5 to X460-G2 and I have some problems to configure LLDP or STP settings.
I'm new to EXOS and I would be happy if someone could help.

Here an example what I try to do:

X460G2-48p-10G4.5 # sh port 3 vlan
Port /Tagged VLAN Name(s)
-------- -------- ------------------------------------------------------------
3 None None
* X460G2-48p-10G4.6 # configure stpd s0 ports link-type edge 3 edge-safeguard enable bpdu-restrict recovery-timeout 600
Error: Port 3 is not a member of STP domain s0
Error: Command aborted due to input errors, no changes made
* X460G2-48p-10G4.137.7 #
* X460G2-48p-10G4.137.7 #
* X460G2-48p-10G4.137.7 # conf lldp port 3 advertise vendor-specific med policy application voice vlan VoIP-VLAN dscp 46
ERROR: The following ports "3" are not part of VLAN "VoIP-VLAN".
* X460G2-48p-10G4.137.8 #

Does anybody have an idea how to handle this?

I have enabled stp auto-bind for every vlan.

If I add all ports to the Default-VLAN I can configure STP but for LLDP I have to add all ports to tagged VoIP-VLAN.
But with this connfiguration I will break out company rules.

Does anybody out there who can help?

Best regards,