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Radius access-request info need more

New Contributor II
My copany has about 500 extreme switchs (X150,X250,X350,X430,X440,X670..), Now my boss want me start radius function. but when i use XOS version 16.1 i will get Called station id and nas id, nas port...but not include calling station id info but i use version 15.x version i only get calling station id info not include called station id, nas id, nas port info (I use telnet test)
my company has too many XOS 15.x, suggest can next upgrad version can include called station id, calling station id, nas id, nas port ......., because my bost want to know who and user ip from which switch and port connect to lan. My company has some brand switch. so i want use called station id distintish switch vendor.

Contributor II
These extra features in radius where created to support the new policy features that where added into 16.1. You can talk with your Sales team to open a feature request.

New Contributor
You have 500 hundred extreme switches???? I can imagine the hell you are living on!!!
I will prey for your soul!! We used to have 155 and thanks god we are now changing all of then by Huawei and cisco switches!! It is like walking to paradise!!