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Summit x460 syslog configuration help

New Contributor
Hello all, I need assistance configuring syslog to work correctly with a trial software called EventLog Analyzer. I followed the instructions here:

enable syslog
configure syslog add vr local0
configure syslog vr local0 severity info
enable log target syslog :<514> vr local0

When I go to the syslog server, the only events displaying are "Setting hwclock time to system time and broadcasting time".

I thought I would be seeing alot more information. As far as the switch goes, did I enter wrong information?

New Contributor
Hello all, just a follow up...4 months later lol

What reason would I choose a different severity level? I also see debug-verbose, warning, and other options.

I want to be sure I get all the information the switch has to offer.

New Contributor
I guess I wasn't being patient as I am now seeing changes. It seems like there is a delayed response in logs but I'm not sure if that's natural or if there's a way to change how often syslogs are sent to the server.

Hmmm - I have the same config as Ronald and I do get entries like this:

Jul 25 04:30:57 vlan.msgs: Port 46 link down
Jul 25 04:31:00 vlan.msgs: Port 46 link UP at speed 1 Gbps and full-duplex

I also get notices when inserting/removing SFPs.

Stupid question: is your syslog server possibly filtering? Or is it possible it's not logging "local0" to the 'right' place?

New Contributor
I guess I expected more that just time updates, such as a port going down because of a computer reboot. Maybe I should be patient or see if I can reboot a device connected to a switch that has my syslog configuration. I'll also edit the config just in case.

I appreciate the info!