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x460 configuration help needed!

New Contributor
i'm very new to networking, i need some tips to walk the right way. i need to configure a x460 switch. i have some internal devices with ip, they should'nt interfere with outside. i have some outside devices that should receive multicast streams with ip i have one pc with 2 ip addresses ( and that must communicate with both worlds i have some streaming devices with ip that should send multicast streams to outside. how should i partition the switch? should i enable something for multicast? how i manage the pc with the 2 ip addresses?

New Contributor
If you can limit the multicast to one vlan then you should not enable anything for it. If the multicast needs to leave the vlan or span multiple vlans / subnets then you should enable multicast routing. PIM is supported on the X460 in both Sparse as in Dense mode.
There are decent configuration guides to set this up.

Regarding the PC with 2 IP addresses. Does this PC have 2 network cards? If so you just create 2 vlans on 2 different ports. Otherwise it will be harder. Then you should use tagging on the PC or multinetting on the switch. I am not sure however if the switch supports multinetting on L3 interfaces.