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ELSM support on ISW series Industrail Grade switches

New Contributor
Hi Guys,

We are having x460 G2 series aggregation switch over which we have terminated ISW 4GbP, 2GbT, 2-SFP switches.

We want to configure ELSM feature to detect uni-directional links. Please do let us know, whether ISW series switch supports ELSM or not.

Rgds/ Sharad

New Contributor
Thanks Brandon!

The customer is having complete IPv6 network, so may I know the ISW switch support basic IPv6 features like DHCPv6 client, IPv6 ACLs, SNMPv6, Telnetv6 and SSHv6


I've split this out into another thread so that it doesn't get lost under one already marked as solved. Please reference the new conversation here: IPv6 Support on ISW

Contributor II
CFM will allow layer 2 health checking between two end-points, but will not allow you to bind a port status to it like ELSM will do. However, if you are running ERPS between the Summit and the ISW CFM can be configured to work with ERPS for monitoring link state.

New Contributor
Hi Brandon,
Thanks fro your prompt response. Actually, customer is asking for UDLD, so we proposed to implement ELSM. As per my understanding, ELSM is equivalent to UDLD, so we are looking to implement ELSM.

How CFM will meet ELSM functionality completely? Is there any difference/limitation between CFM and ELSM?