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IPv6 Support on ISW

New Contributor
Thanks Brandon!

The customer is having complete IPv6 network, so may I know the ISW switch support basic IPv6 features like DHCPv6 client, IPv6 ACLs, SNMPv6, Telnetv6 and SSHv6

Rgds/Sharad Note: This conversation was created from a reply on: ELSM support on ISW series Industrail Grade switches.

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Can you revert on above queries, accordingly we will do our network planning and design. Looking forward for your support.


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Thanks for your prompt response.
Telnet for IPv6: As per my understanding, Telnet Server for IPv6 will be required as telnet server starts the device listening for incoming telnet sessions on the configured port. ISW will be agnostic if telnet to other devices connected on switch will be accessed, but when telnet session over IPv6 will be established with ISW switch and other switches in network , Telnet server for IPv6 will be required on ISW switch

SSH for IPv6: Like for Telnet, SSH server for IPv6 will be required to enable connections from SSH, SCP, and SFTP clients. So based on my understanding, SSH server for IPv6 will be required on ISW switch

SNMP for IPv6: SNMP agent receives and processes SNMP packets sent to the device, and generates notifications (traps). So SNMP agent (server) on the ISW switch will be required

So, do we support Telnet server for IPv6, SSH server for IPv6, and SNMP agent/server for IPv6 on ISW switch?


Contributor II
No, you do not need to update the switch to get these features. IPv6 is an option in the ACL section, and DHCPv6 is an option in the DHCP section. You will not see SNMPv6, Telnetv6, or SSHv6 listed in the release notes, as these are not designations for these protocols.

SNMP, telnet, and SSH are all application layer protocols, and are agnostic as to what layer 3 protocol they run on top of.

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Very Good, but I am confused as the release notes is not having any of these features. do I have to upgrade ISW 4GBP,2GBT,2-SFPIWS switch to enable these IPv6 features

Have considered release notes at following link: