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ISW Port Configuration Assistance

New Contributor III

I have an ISW that I'm not too familiar with that I'm trying to configure one port to tag some VLANs and to have one untagged. 

For example- 123 untagged then 456, 789 tagged.

I can do this easily with my Summit switches, but I can't seem to crack this nut. Can someone point me in the right direction? 

I've tried various different configurations but haven't gotten it to work. Below is my current configuration as an example:

interface FastEthernet 1/8
switchport access vlan 1720
switchport mode trunk
poe mode enable

Contributor II
Hi T,

I'm not the best with the ISWs, but let me share some info:

You can generally find the ISW documentation here:
Industrial Switches - Extreme Networks

For your setup, I believe this would be similar to Cisco style trunk configuration:
conf t
interface fast 1/8
switchport mode trunk
switchport trunk allowed vlan 123,456,789
switchport trunk native vlan 123

Looks good!