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Not able to eanble auto negotiation on 1G uplink ports or 1G SFP port of Extreme 210 switch

New Contributor
Hello Guys,

I am not able to enable auto negotiation on up link ports (SFP Ports) of Extreme 200 series switch. Auto negotiation is by default enabled on port 1 to 24 and I am able to disable also by manually setting the speed of these ports.

Problem my customer is facing that to connect his old switch he has to disable auto negotiation on 1G up link ports of old Extreme A4 switch to communicate with his new Extreme 210 switches. He do not want to enable auto negotiation on both switches.

SFP model MGBIC-LC09 has been installed on both switches.
Firmware version of switch is


The command line does allow auto-negotiation and if you upgrade and test and still have any issues, please contact the GTAC and we will work with you.

Please check the latest firmware as we have made a change in firmware. Commands: Interface 0/25 No auto-negotiate Speed auto 1000 Then same commands are also available for the 10gig links on 220-series Interface 0/25 No auto-negotiate Speed auto 10000