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Struggling with FA environment and creating VLans

Struggling with FA environment and creating VLans

New Contributor
Hello All,

I'm an experienced network admin with certifications and years of experience but all with Cisco.  I have never seen or touched Extreme switches.  All the network admins where I am now working left and there is no documentation at all about how things are setup and working.

I need to create a new VLan/network.  Should be simple, basic.  As far as I could tell I needed to do...

vlan create 76 name "PXEBoot" type port-mstprstp 1
vlan mlt 76 203
vlan i-sid 76 76
interface Vlan 76
ip address
ip vrrp version 3
ip vrrp address 46
ip vrrp 46 backup-master enable
ip vrrp 46 priority 120
ip vrrp 46 enable

I am able to get all those config lines entered except "vlan mlt 76 203".  I get a "switched uni ports/fabric attach enabled ports cannot be part of any vlan" error.  researching this error comes back with some vlan 1 assigned stuff that doesn't apply to me.  I have found a bunch of stuff about FA VLans needing to be created on edge switches or fa proxy or fa client systems which I know nothing about.

I'm trying to do this on our core l3 switch which is a VSP8404 and we are running all ERS 4850Gs in our closets.

Any help anyone can provide would be outstanding.  Thank you very much.

New Contributor III
Good morning. You are absolutely on the right path. The statement you are having trouble with is configuring the switch to add vlan 76 to MLT 203. MLT 203 appears to be part of the fabric so to assign a vlan to it is unnecessary. If you have the i-sid set for the vlan, which you do, spbm will do the rest. So, try it without entering that command and see if your routing tables get updated throughout the network and test connectivity. So to sum up, you shouldn't need that line of configuration.