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Configuring WS-AP3805i for private usage

Hi i have bought a Extreme Networks Access Point from a private seller, and what not aware of the administrated ecosystem of Extreme Networks nor that it was for business usage. However, the damage is done i have 2 piece of WS-AP3805i sitting at home...

AP310e and DAS antennas power tuning

Hi Guys,I have a big project in hands consisting on providing wi-fi connectivity for a warehouse using DAS system from Home (kymata.it).On my previous projects the customer supplied the APs (Cisco) and took care of their configuration.Since on this p...

Extreme Networks AP Caches Radius Clients

Hello Community, we have a problem that our Extreme AP410C Access Points (managed by extreme Cloud IQ) caches the authenticated RADIUS Clients.Our Test LAB:Cisco ISE as RADIUS Server, SSID with WPA2 Personal PSK AND Mac Authentication (Cisco ISE as E...

AP7562 [SNMP] Looking for CPU Load OID

Hello;As stated in the title, I'm struggling to find the OID that returns the AP CPU Load, I could do snmpwalk but many OID got no name neither description.AP Model number is AP-7562-6704M-WRversion'll be thankfull

Mous by New Contributor
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AP410C AP up but clients cannot connect

We are seeing a issue where the AP has a solid white light the AP can be seen as green on the Extreme Cloud IQ and no alerts over CPU, Memory or Clients. We have to reboot this unit to get it letting clients connect again. Is there a way we can check...

Sandeepb by New Contributor
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