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Anyone know the max network throughput of the V2110 controllers?

New Contributor
The datasheet ( shows these lines regarding network performance:
2x1 Gbps Host 1,870/1,800 1,870/1,800 1,870/1,800 1,870/1,800
2x10 Gbps Host 5,000/1,870 10,800/5,000 10,800/5,000 10,800/5,000

What exactly does 5,000/1870 mean in terms of network throughput? Anyone know the max recommended network throughput for these things?

Hi Ron,

That designation is in referenced to the line above:

"Maximum Throughput (Mixed RFC2544)* Open/Encrypted"

Open =- No Encryption (5 Gbps for Small config; 10.8 Gbps for the Medium and Large config)

Encrypted - Served over IPsec tunneling between APs and Appliance (1.8 Gbps for Small; 5 Gbps for Medium and Large)

Note: The throughput of the VM depends on the asssigned resources, such as #cores and memory, that map into the different capacity classes.

Note 2: The Throughput of the Virtual appliance really depends on the characteristics of the underlying host and the load by other VMs on the same system.