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AP Registration Process

New Contributor
Hello Community,

can anyone provide me a successfull AP Registration Process over the CLI on an AP?

If possible, also I need the steps in the Wireshark Trace to verify where is the problem exactly.

I can´t find anything about this in the Hub and on the GTAC Knowledge.
I this a secret or why can I found nothing?

Many thanks in advance.



New Contributor III
Hi Mario,

I don't think that we have any documnetation of the connecting process that it showing on that level.
But youcan test it in the lab and look to the logs of the AP in order to see what is happening.

SSH to the AP if you connect the AP first time to the Controller or set the AP to factory default in order see all steps.

login: admin
password: new2day
# tail -f /tmp/logs/ap.log

you should see the steps what the AP tries during connection setup.

Regarding the AP trace you can use the remote capturing feature of the AP in order trace the AP ethernet port. Search for remote capture in the KB for this.



New Contributor
Hello Brian,

thanks for reply.

I need one successfully registration process over the CLI from the AP for Troubleshooting purposes.

I think Extreme should also have a guide for these steps, but I found nothing in the internet.

For comparsion Cisco has this guide for Customers.

When I open a Case the guys are also familar with this steps and verify this on the AP or in the Wireshark trace what´s going on.



Hi Mario,

Identifi does not have CLI debug commands like Cisco.

For troubleshooting purposes, you could mirror traffic on switch port which connects AP.


In the V10 Wireless User guide, page 106 in the Discovery and Registration Overview section, gives a great visual of the discovery process. One of the troubleshooting tools I use is to ssh into the AP (or console as last resort) and type in tail -f /tmp/log/ap.log and you will see the log file in real time, and give clues on why it can't find the controller.