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Apple devices lose Internet connection w/ IOS 11.4.1 Enterasys Wireless Firmware: randomly dropping same IOS firmware

New Contributor
Hi everyone,

We are working with a C35 and a V2110 wireless controllers runing the firmware version Since the release of IOS 11.4.1 (july, 16, 2018) our APs (3705i) are, randomly, dropping most of the IOS devices.


New Contributor II
It looks like many IOS 11.4.1 users are experiencing WiFi issues after upgrading to that version. Some users (see links and threads below) are indicating that they have been able to back rev to resolve this issue ("Hello, just to verify that I to updated to 11.4.1 and was faced with exactly the same WiFi problem. After trying advisory fixes which didn’t work (e.g. clearing network settings) I tried a re-install of the update via iTunes but to no avail. Finally I have now downgraded back to iOS 11.4. On iTunes Which has now fixed the problem.").

Hope this helps.

Honored Contributor
Why is the controller not on V10.41 ?
V9 doesn't get that many fixes.

My actual infraestructure does not let me to upgrade due to my 4202 and my 36xx APs but thanks for you reply, Ronald