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V2110 interfaces don't work in tagged mode

Hello, everybody!

I got a strange issue with V2110 controller. It works under Hyper-V.

When I mark its interfaces in Hyper-V as trunks (without exact VLAN), it stops working. I mean, I loose connectivity to controller and from controller.

When I implicitly set up interfaces in Hyper-V as VLAN 38 and VLAN 39 - I can reach them and I can reach gateway for both of them from V2110.

This is kind of problem... What if I would like to setup more then two WLANs?

I want also to keep APs in a different network. MGMT interface is not appropriate for this.

At the moment I can't setup default routing from controller. I want to create new "tagged" topologies... but they doesn't work. All VLANs are configured properly.

What could be the problem?

Many thanks in advance,



Contributor III