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New Contributor II
Hi guys,

I have an AP 7522 and I can't seem to load the GUI. When I open the webpage on the browser it gives an ERROR 404 NOT FOUND. The CLI is working fine and the AP is on WiNG 5.9.0.

Any suggestions?

New Contributor

I have the same issue with the AP7522 - no gui.
Is there a guide on how to set up basic WiFi from CLI - I have tried different settings but can't get the radio to turn on and enable WiFi ..

It looks like http or https server roles are disabled.
From CLI in Management-policy default (if you not changed default policy) check http or https server enables:
#show context
You should view:
rfs7000-37FABE(config-management-policy-test)#show context
management-policy test
http server
https server
If doesn't it, enter
#https server
or #http server
After it check it by
#show context

I cannot believe the GUI is not enabled on these from the factory. I have two 7522's and cannot connect to either with the GUI. Another one of our techs in a different state has the same problem with his, right now. These are right out of the box, and have never been connected to anything.

I can login to the CLI, but cannot enable the http server. What is the command to enable it? I keep getting the error "% Invalid input detected at '^' marker."

New Contributor
These are the commands to enable http server from the CLI:
configure terminal
management-policy default
http server
commit write memory

This still did not resolve the problem. Get a 404-Not Found error when connecting with https from any browser. I'm also unable to download the firmware from the site. Tried to create a case and it errors out. This is ridiculous!