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High Density Deployment

We need to deploy high density network on small area of 80x35 meters for 850 peoples with android smart phones.
It should be galaxy s4 and newer phones with support of 802.11ac.

We don't have exact info about "single packets per sec" how many data is per sec because software side is under development at this moment.

But there is some info about expected throughput: at the peak of the throughput anyone of these clients at the same time may reach for some seconds 8Mbps (1Mbyte/sec), but lot of time it should be as 60 packets small packets per sec to anyone of these clients at the same time. We need to ensure that anyone of these clients at the same time receive the data within a 100ms and not above. I think it must be UDP.

My rough calculation about throughput :
850 peoples x 8Mbps any one = is 6800Mbps theoretical total real throughput at the peak.

It means 6800Mbps real throughput x 2.5 = 17000 theoretical wifi throughput needed of all of these ap's in the place.

The reception signal in the place to anyone client between 40-58 dbm.
Our regulation allows 1-13 ch at 2.4Ghz and 32-64 ch at 5 Ghz.
We have only AP7532 or AP7502 and don't have AP85XX Wave 2 because of regulation.

Help me please calculate the maximum theoretical throughput of all the channels on two bands with wave 1 Ap's.
And of course with the maximum time for reception of the data by all the clients is 100ms.
How many AP's I need to make it work as described for so small area?
Is it possible to make it work with Wave 1 AP's?


Aviv Kedem