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NX5500E Question

New Contributor III
Hi all,

I have some questions:

1, How many number wireless clients are managed by NX 5500E in fact?

2, Can NX5500E connect and integrate with PMS (Property Management System – Hotel management software)? And Can you give me technical guide for it? 3, Can Captive Portal in NX500E connect with External Radius and External Database (AD, LDAP)?

And Can you give me technical guide for it?

I look forward to reply from you.

New Contributor III
Hello Long,

WiNG Express is supposed to be used in simple plug&play situations where you do not need advanced features.

  1. Number of wireless clients is limited to 16,000 by controller. However, there is theoretical limit per AP (based on platform used) and NX5500E supports up to 512 Express APs
  2. Not sure what do you mean by Property Management System, but I consider this advanced feature which is not supported by SwiftUI (WiNG Express). Please contact your sales representative to discuss this further
  3. Captive Portal is allowing you to use multiple options like External Radius, Registration, Social Authentication (OAUTH), etc.
You can find answers also under NX5500E product page here or general WiNG Software page here