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Outdoor Lightning Protection AP6562 Internal Antennas

New Contributor II

What needs to be done to effectively protect an outdoor AP 6562 (int. antennas) from lightning?

In the antenna guide documentation I see there are lightning arrestors that are placed in-line with the antenna for the AP version with external antennas. Is there anything that goes with the internal antenna version or just proper grounding?

thank you in advance.


New Contributor III
Grounding is a very broad topic. As Vedran correctly points out, nothing will survive a direct lightning strike, so what you are looking for is protection from nearby strikes.
Make sure any installation fully complies with your national electrical code or equivalent requirements for grounding. If you have any doubts, consult a qualified electrician! Aesthetics should be the least of your concerns.

Totally agree Andrew. What I was trying to say is that you might have to get creative in making the grounding system as unobtrusive as possible. We have some clients where the buildings are a key component of the location's visitor draw. The best way to get ideas is to bring the topic up in forums like this. I've picked up a lot of interesting ideas along the way...

New Contributor III
We try to ground the unit itself to building steel when possible (we run a heavy gauge ground wire (insulated) through the wall to a steel beam for example). In other cases, you may need to put a grounding rod at the location. I've run into aesthetic issues with customers who don't want a ground wire running in front of a building, but it is a best practice (at least as I've been told).

New Contributor II
Hi and thank you both for the answers. I was also looking for a way to protect the AP itself like the lightning arrestors for external antennas do. I guess the installation should also include a lightning Rod if there isn't one nearby already.