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Slow switching between acess points even if they are have the same ssid and password

New Contributor
Hello every one, I am new to extreme and i need to know about a problem i have, so please if any one can help. The problem thaf i have three exyreme access points which is connected to the network i have, this three access points are distributed in different rooms which is not too far from each other and they are using the two band 2.4 ghz and 5 ghz, when i connect my laptop to one access point, let us assume i connect it yo access point in room number 1 it is connected and have internet but when i ho to the other room which has the other extreme access point it takes too much to connect to it. The three access points have the same ssid

Valued Contributor
Can you tell us the model & firmware version of the APs?

Valued Contributor II
Hello Ahmad,

1 - If they are connected to a routed switch, you will not have seamless roaming. Use a layer 2 switch.
2 - Make sure they are on the same firmware version (latest recommended)
3 - Start with the basic config changes per this doc: Wireless clients experiencing latency, intermittent disconnects and dropped packets on a WiNG wirele...

Hope this helps,

Christoph S.

Contributor III
A couple of questions...

1. How many clients are having this issue? More than one?
2. What are the actual products you are working with? (part numbers, controller vs cloud)

New Contributor III

Are thes independent APs or are they using a Virtual Controller.

One thing to keep in mind is the MU (Wireless device) determines where to roam

I would suggest that you make one of the APs a Virtual Controller and let the other APs adopt to it. This way you can assue all aps have the same configuration and firmware version