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How to buy (premier) support contracts? Do I buy them per device or generally?

New Contributor
Hello guys,

I have seen, that there are a premier support contracts from extreme.
My question is, how I have to buy them.

Buy it from a Extreme partner, or directly from Extreme &Do I have to purchase a support option per devices or is this a individual contract?


Notice:I want a support on which I have a the ability to contact the support by phone when there are troubles.& perhaps configuration assistance.At the moment I don't have Extreme products but I look for a WLAN(&Switch) solution.


Valued Contributor III
I see this hasn't been responded to yet, which I apologize for.

There are several qualifications to become a premier support customer. However, support and services purchased through authorized resellers and partners will cover you for the technical support needs you've noted. If you still need to find a partner to purchase from, this page will help:

There are a few options for contract coverage that they'll be able to discuss with you as well.