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 VSP 7024 to Allied Telesis AT-x550-18XSQ via SFP+ MMF

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Guido Breitenberger posted 05-02-2022 11:00
Hi, a customer wants to connet a vsp 7024xls to an Allied Telesis AT-x550-18XSQ via SFP+ MMF. Fibre connection stays in down state. Patch Cable and SFP+ modules, changed, but no connection and no information in Log files. All ERS switches are connected succesfully.
Has anyone done this already?

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Fredrik Bjork

Assuming fibers and SFP types match and are OK, you should check the auto negotiation settings, mainly speed and duplex but also auto-polarity. I've had some issues with Allied switches that will not come up if those are on auto on both sides. I can't remember what settings and which side we had to change (perhaps both) but that solved our problems.