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Fabric Engine and NAC for Per-User-ACL

Hi,I've a XIQ-SE latest version ( and a Fabric Engine switch also latest version (8.9).I've problem with the Radius Attribute Extreme VOSS - Per-User-ACL and auto-sense feature on the access ports.My configuration follow.   Client is conne...

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ACL Best Practices

Hi All,I'm new to the Extreme Switch environment and I'm looking for some guidance on applying ACLs to a large deployment of networks.I'm working on a project that is expanding a flat network into 48 VLANs across 6 locations.  (8 VLANs per location)....

MattA by New Contributor
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Resolved! Extreme VM Host OS udating

HiHopefully someone can give me a guide or answer to this. Most of the VMs - NAC, XMC and Analytics run on Ubuntu . Is there a guide to carrying out the OS updates i.e. things to do or Not do etc ?  We have had issues in the past where the SNMP confi...