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ACL on VSP Voss with VRRP

Hello,I have two network Core VSP4900 with VRRP Active Backup Enable.I want to activate ACL on differents Vlan.For example, I Want to permit Vlan 4 to Vlan 3 and deny Vlan 3 to Vlan 4. It's uni-directionnal?I Activate the ACL below in vlan 3, Vlan 3 ...

LionelH by New Contributor II
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Resolved! Dual attachment VSP > 5320

Hello,I want to put a double attachment between 2xVSP and 1x5320The 5320 is linked to ExtremeCloud IQ. I have configured my 2 ports as LAG, so LACP is enabledOn the VSPs, I have smlt enabled on 2 ports.But my link is not going up.Do you have any advi...

eyce by New Contributor
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Auto-Sense Voice and non IP phones

Hey guys, I have a mediatrix gateway which supports LLDP med with VLAN override so I was going to try and pass back a blank accept policy from control and let the switch place the device tagged on the auto sense voice vlan. (this is great for large d...

dbhardin by New Contributor
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VSP 7400 - QoS CoS 7 trouble

We are a service provider and are trying to turn up our first SLA circuit coming off of this fabric network.  We are trying to pass RFC testing across our fabric made up of VSP 7400s.   This is a straight layer 2 transport on our segment.  We are cur...

jakerta by New Contributor
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