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Change interface MAC address on AP8232?

I have a situation where a provider requires me to use a certain MAC address on the ge2 interface of an AP8232. However there appears to be no command that will allow you to change the MAC address of a physical interface. (I realise that this wouldn'...

x690 how many 25gbe can you have

On an EXOS X690 48-port SFP+ Switch, it looks like the 6 slots on the far right have 2 QSFP up to 40gbe, and possibly 4 SFP28 100gbe interfaces?  Lets say I want to connect the last port to another x690 and establish MLAG peer relationship over that,...

Keith9 by Contributor III
  • 2 replies
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Mlag data link

Hi, I have 2 stacks of X670 devicesI am not very satisfied with the operation of the stack, for example the fact that when updating the stack, the entire stack has to be restarted, which causes a break.I started thinking about implementing mlag.I wou...

wsalkos by New Contributor
  • 5 replies
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