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Onboarding AP4000

We have six AP4000 that we want to onboard as WiNG, so that we can manage them with our on prem ExtremeCloud IQ Controller (formally XCC). Four of the 6 APs are now configured in our on prem controller, but each one presented different challenges to ...

Bootrom recovery VDX6740

Hi,Can you help with reply answer for recovery string xz6WtW6po6.eIVIyKTMagg==After these years probably soon need to replace CF-card. But no information about set password on bootrom to setup new card with netinstall.Thx. 

kitanir by New Contributor
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AP 410c Connection Issues

Hi,We are having issues with model AP410c series access points. End users started experiencing connection issues since we started replacing model AP250 with AP410c. Users lose their connection randomly and we can see drops on ExtremeCloudIQ. Access p...

TT by New Contributor
  • 3 replies
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Upgrade AP130 and AP230

Hi, i have two AP's both with old firmware that i cannot update.The AP130 has The AP230 has devices wont update through the portal so i think i have to do it manually. To do that i need some instructions and possibly installation...

DB6742 by New Contributor
  • 7 replies
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510i LED status

Hello. Could someone please point me in the direction of a LED status guide for the 510i Access Points. I have one which is going through a light sequence.  

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