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AP410C channel transmission 5GHz

Hello,can an AP410C (AP410C-1-WR) Dual 5GHz. So simultaneously broadcast 2 Channels in the 5GHz Range?So switch off the 2,4GHz Range and transmit 2 Channels in the 5GHz(Channel width 40Mhz) Range. (Example Channel 38 & 102) 

Resolved! AP-7532 authentication trouble ?

Hello,I have an issue to connect to the SSID I created. I can see it but can't connect.AP is used in a domestic environment at the moment.Below is the config that I have set up, if someone can enlighten me ?Many thanks !! Configuration of AP7532 vers...

john30 by New Contributor
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Wireless Planner unable to login

Hi Extreme Team,I am Having problems in logging-in in wirelessplanner. https://wirelessplanner.extremenetworks.com/#/loginI cant get logged in - just says invalid credentials.When I click on "forgot password" it just says "Unable to send the password...

aleah27 by New Contributor
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AP305C not coming online

Hi, so I have a few Extreme AP305C Access Points and I'm having issues getting them to connect to CloudIQ.The APs are getting DHCP correctly when plugged in, they have been reset to factory settings. I can see a new DHCP lease for them on our DHCP se...

CA-Davida by New Contributor
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XIQ and Cisco ISE Guest portal

Hello, I'm trying to configure a guest wireless network in XIQ so that when clients connect to that network they're directed to the guest portal and authenticate via our Cisco ISE server. Is that possible? If so, what are the steps to configure that?...

AnthonyM by New Contributor
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