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Real world expected wifi connection speed

Hi, we have recently installed 305c Ap's and 410 Ap's across our entire estate.  Has anyone got some kind of knowledge about what kinds of connection speeds/ bandwidth clients should expect when connected via modern windows 10 laptop?At the moment th...

EwanC by New Contributor
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Extreme Management Center Basic Configuration

Hi everyone,I was wondering where I can find the documentations for the basic configuration of the Extreme Management Center (XMC) topics such how to create policies, best practices of using certain policies and foundational knowledge in XMC.I would ...

gklyde17 by New Contributor
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Optics for 9920 Network Visibility Platform

Here is a link to a list of optical transceivers and cables supported for the Extreme 9920 Network Visibility platform: the Extreme Optics Compatibility Matrix is organized by OS platform, t...

Radius Logs

Good morning, We havea  Ssite Engine as Radius server to authenticate/authorize management access to switches. I haven't been able to find the logs for these requests for troubleshooting purposes. If anyone knows, I will highly appreciate your help.T...

AleandroA by New Contributor
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onboarding AP460S12C fail

Hi,I am trying onboarding a AP460S12C. i am onboarding it like How To: Onboard an Access Point - YouTubeI use fixed ip trying it with the same settings as a 305C on boards with no problem, when i try onboarding the AP460S12C i get the red cloud and ...

PatrickB1 by New Contributor
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