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How i can find latest hiveagent files?

I've just updated a SR2224P from version to, I insered the serial into the hivemanager, but the switch doesn't connect to it.I see that the hive agent version is 0.2.42, very very old version.I tried to rebbot the switch with versio...

Unable to manage SR2208P switch

I have a couple of SR2208P switches that I am unable to manage with extremecloudiq.iqagent is version 0.2.69 and I believe I have to manually update the iqagent to in order to connect.Where can I find this version of the iqagent?Thanks in ad...

imunro99 by New Contributor
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Device is in use

Hi, about 6 months ago, ive bought 5 Aerohive AP's 3x 130 1x 1130 from an auction. When i try to add them to the cloud i get a "device in use" error.How can we fix this issue? i dont know the previous owner and payed alot for the AP's, so it would be...

KhareT by New Contributor
  • 10 replies
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Enterasys B5g124-24p2 inter-vlan routing

This is what I am trying to achieve:All networks have a subnet mask of 2 has an ip of 10.182.xx.xx with .1.2 being the gateway (switch)VLAN 3 has an IP of, VLAN 4 has an IP of Layer3 switch must redirect the t...

mt1200 by New Contributor
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Resolved! Client 360 screen disappeared

Hello,Just yesterday I was able to access Client 360 window to look for connected wireless client details.Today this option has disappeared from "Manage" menu in Cloud IQ.My account type is Connect (no paid subscriptions used).Anyone knows why that h...

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