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Add wait time to xsf file

Hello Everyone,I'm trying to automate a simple task of turning some port up/down with a script. Where I'm getting stuck is when I try add a pause. This is what I have:show port 12 configuration no-refreshdisable port 12#timer 1enable port 12show port...

Add route to VRF

Hi ExpertsI'm quite new in this.I ned to add a static to a vrf in our VSP8284XSQ Switch.When a do a : sh ip route vrf MYVRF     i got thisDST           MASK          NEXT           VRF/ISID COST FACE PROT AGE TYPE PRF172.22.0.0

Jonhs by New Contributor
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Port authentication report

Hi,Is there a way to get a report to know the state of the port authentication (Enable/Disable or Force authorize). I can get that information for a switch with the menu Authentication Configuration. I would like to get this information for the entir...

Resolved! Running XMC workflow scripts in pc for testing

Hi,I'm creating some workflows in XMC and I would like to run them on my PC first just for testing. Is there a class or functions that I can import just to simulate the script and check for errors, even if it is just syntax error, before running it o...

Resolved! XMC NBI mutation to delete "Authorized Users"

Hello,via the XMC NBI it is possible to display the authorized users for XMC that were created statically or dynamically.Unfortunately I have not found a way to delete these users via the NBI (there seems to be no mutation for this).Does anyone know ...

StephanH by Valued Contributor III
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