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Lates SwitchOS image for SR2348P

Good day.I posted this earlier, but in the wrong forum and therefore didn't get helpful answer. Hopefully I will get more luck here.I have a switch that is running OS version For some reason I am not able to onboard it to EIQ.Is there an op...

DT2 by New Contributor
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I want to know about the switch

Hello,I am new here and I want to know that whether this switch X440G2-12t-10GE4 16530 supports the connection of end devices (station) on its 4 SFP ports (not switches of another level network)? And the second question is whether it is support to in...

C5k125-24P Firmware

Hello,I am trying to find someone who may have a copy of this firmware. I am trying to stack this model switch. They are EOS and the portal no longer has the firmware downloads. I have switches that are on version and others that are on...

RickS1 by New Contributor
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Latest firmaware for Summit X670v-48t

Hello,I'm looking for the latest firmware for Summit X670v-48t. Now a days I can't connect it by web because it needs flash player. Is there a firmware to override the use of flash player?Thanks,Xavier.

STACK - Firmware upgrade and reboot processes

Hi all,I ask to my revendor a question about reboot and upgrade processes for a stack and he couldn't answer me fully.So, I ask my question here.How firmware upgrade work in a stack ? Is the firmware is installed one switch by one switch or in same t...

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