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Resolved! need help VDX 6740 in-band management configure

Having a bit of trouble configuring the VDX 6740 so I can access the management cli via ssh from anywhere (in-band).My management VLAN is 100 and I figure I try to forward from the port-channel port since it's the trunk portHere are the parts of the ...

mbze430 by New Contributor II
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Resolved! port routing difference between context rb 1 and interface?

Once again I am confused with the context between rbridge and interface to assign an ip address.If I wanted to connect a port, TE 1/0/24 to an internet firewall/router.  Which one is the correct context to ? #conf#int te 1/0/24#no switchport#ip addre...

mbze430 by New Contributor II
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Resolved! dhcpd VDX 6740 configuration?

Reading through the CLI manual from 7.4.0, there is a dhcpd server since 7.1.0how does one configure the scope for the dhcpd  I couldn't find anything how the config file should look.  Or it just uses linux based dhcpd.conf like format? 

mbze430 by New Contributor II
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Resolved! Boot PROM password recovery

Hello, good morning everyone!I recently bought two M8428-K switches that one of them have the PROM password set. Could someone help me to recover?My recovery string is : zNJOJr5FrGIf.epg95ZzKQ==I greatly appreciate any help. 

JMazio by New Contributor
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