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Instant Port Profiles

When creating a Device Type for instant profiles, how can I assign it to one of my custom Port Types i've already created? All I see if the option to change the port usage, when I want to use one of my custom Port Types


Firmware update AP122

Dear Sirs, I want to upgrade my AP122 firmware to the latest 10.0x version supported. Can I receive a copy of the .S image file? Best regards DG

danigenn by New Contributor
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IP "flapping"?

Hi!We've been facing this issue lately. Since we just enabled the Client Monitor option, I can't tell you when it started. It's a school environment with 7 VLANs, where each building has its designated VLAN. Every time roaming happens, some clients c...

ISC-Admin by New Contributor II
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Resolved! A stale record was found in the redirector

Hi, I purchased 2 access points from someone through Facebook marketplace. The s/n are 01501909130043 and 01501909130014. If someone could release them so I can onboard them I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you in advanced.

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