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 VSP switch lab - convert 4850 to VSP?

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Ben Taylor posted 04-29-2022 07:00
Hi all

I am trying to build a lab to understand VOSS as my current employer has it in their DC, it's a massive blind spot for me and the GNS3 image isn't fully featured

It is very hard to find VSPs for cheap on ebay etc - is it possible to buy some ERS 4850-PWR+  (cheap and easily available) and convert them to a VSP?

There are some references online to this being possible (ERS 4850 and VSP 4000 Quick Conversion Guide for Release 6.0 (extremenetworks.com) but I don't know where i'd get the software

Thanks in advance
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Sam Pirok Best Answer
Hi Ben, just wanted to mention that we have training available, and I think the ECS Campus Fabric Deploy training would help you here. 

For software, you'd need to have a support contract with Extreme Networks, and you can find the software files on our Extreme Portal.