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 VSP same platform VLAN ID's, but different subnets, on same cluster?

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Martin Flammia posted 05-06-2022 17:58

So here is the problem I am trying to solve.

Have a cluster pair in location A and another cluster pair in location B. 

These are being replaced by VSP's and fabric. Each location has a local VLAN 10, but different subnets, say:

  • Location A VLAN 10 = 10.10.10.x/24
  • Location B VLAN 10 = 10.10.20.x/24

These VLANs can coexist within the fabric by simply putting them into different i-SIDs.

The issue is the design requires that both subnets remain routable should any one location fail.

Although I could create flex-uni's (as an example) to get the VLAN / I-SID where ever I want, I can only create one VLAN 10 platform per cluster i.e:

  • Location A houses VLAN 10 as platform VLAN for 10.10.10.x/24
  • Location B houses VLAN 10 as platform VLAN for 10.10.20.x/24
So this would mean if any one location fails, the VLAN 10 / i-sid associated to that location looses its routed interface and is no longer reachable.

So wondering if anyone has any bright ideas, or can maybe point out something obvious I might be missing.

Many thanks in advance.