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  • 1.  AP 7161

    Posted 02-10-2017 08:31
    Hi All...
    I have a question about Motorola Access Point 7161.
    How to connect two device AP 7161 with 5GHz Frequency use WiNG 5.5 GUI ?

  • 2.  RE: AP 7161

    Posted 02-10-2017 09:46
    Hi Wicaksono,

    could you be a little more specific?
    You are looking for a way to create wireless bridge between two APs, right?
    For this we recommend to use MeshConnex policy (MCX) and map it as BSS1 on 5GHz enabled radio.

    However I have WiNG 5.8 running the process is almost the same.
    Go to Configuration - Wireless - MeshConnex Policy

    Then under Configuration - Devices / Profile - Interfaces - Radio2 - WLAN / MESH mapping assign the MCX you created

    If you need more details please refer to WiNG 5.5 Reference Guide or take a look into MeshConnex Overview document available under following link

    Edit: Here is document for Virtual Controller environment


  • 3.  RE: AP 7161

    Posted 02-10-2017 09:46

    I forgot one important thing - you need to map the MeshConnex policy to a device / profile.

    Please let me know if you have any issues with your deployment.


  • 4.  RE: AP 7161

    Posted 05-12-2017 01:31
    Hello friends

    Where can I download firmware win 5.7 for Ap 7161

  • 5.  RE: AP 7161

    Posted 05-12-2017 01:31
    Hello Tuan,

    feel free to reach Portal page for WiNG Access Points (End of Sale)
    If you are entitled to download from this page, you'll find following


  • 6.  RE: AP 7161

    Posted 05-12-2017 01:31
    Hello Ondrej Lepa

    I have updated successfully fw for Ap7161, I have configured mcx as guide but not successful, can you help me through skype or teamview?

    Thank you very much

  • 7.  RE: AP 7161

    Posted 06-30-2022 02:34
    Hi Tuan Nguyen, can I have your contact? my email: nghiatm79@gmail.com

  • 8.  RE: AP 7161

    Posted 05-12-2017 01:31

    please open support case via Extreme Portal or by sending email to our support@extremenetworks.com" target="_blank" rel="nofollow noreferrer noopener">inbox and we will check.

    Thank you,

  • 9.  RE: AP 7161

    Posted 05-12-2017 01:31
    Thanks Ondrej Lepa

    Please check your email, hope your support

  • 10.  RE: AP 7161

    Posted 05-12-2017 01:31
    Dear Ondrej Lepa

    I can't send email direct to support@extremenetworks.com, i create case but failed. It looks like my device is no longer supported.

  • 11.  RE: AP 7161

    Posted 05-12-2017 01:31
    Hello Tuan,
    This error 404 because of you email haven't associated with an account or don't have an valid Service contract. But you could still open a case through email(still need to check the service contract for the tech support). Please view the GTAC user guide from below link for more detail about how to open case by email.