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  • 1.  C5215 Wireless Controller Upgrade

    Posted 02-16-2022 05:23

    we currently have two C5215 Wireless Controllers on Software:

    Looking to update to the latest version which is (already downloaded)

    Can I got direct to the latest software version or should I be upgrading in incremental steps.

    In particular we are having issues with AP3915i-ROW AP's, dropping off the system, and needing regular reboots.

    And are there any pitfalls to look out for whilst doing the upgrade.

    many Thanks.

  • 2.  RE: C5215 Wireless Controller Upgrade

    Posted 02-17-2022 03:17
    We run 3825 3865 3912 3915 3935 on a pair of C5210 software without issues. Though, it was upgraded to 10.51 years ago.

    Did you look at the release notes? It says that C5215 supports