Extreme Campus Controller

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  • 1.  Channel Inspector in ECC?

    Posted 11-17-2021 10:04
    Edited by Jan Reister 11-24-2021 11:58
    I find that ECC is a general improvement over the Identifi EWC, however i miss the old Reports>AP>Channel Inspector. Am I missing something in plain sight? How do you do a quick channel check?

    Edit 20211124: I asked Extreme Support let's see.

  • 2.  RE: Channel Inspector in ECC?

    Posted 11-26-2021 05:49
    Exreme Support replied that Per Customer Release Notes, Known Restriction or Limitation:
    Firmware for ExtremeWireless AP3900 series access points does not currently support Smart RF. No Smart RF data is displayed.

    I am disappointed that ECC killed a feature 3900s were able to perfom in EWC, scanning channels off-band and compiling a neighbour report that was presented graphically to the administrator.