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ExtremeCloud™ A3 version 4.0 General Availability (GA) Major Release

  • 1.  ExtremeCloud™ A3 version 4.0 General Availability (GA) Major Release

    Posted 12-15-2021 10:09

    The Extreme A3 Major release 4.0.0 has reached GA status. 

    The conversion from AH-A3 subscriptions to XIQ-NAC-S subscriptions should be processed. Please contact the Extreme Representative if you do not have XIQ-NAC-S subscriptions.

    Both VM and Hyper-V images of the A3 are uploaded to the Extreme Portal. 


    A3 4.0.0 Key Features:

    • New licenses are received through ExtremeCloud IQ.
    • Port Tools menu from on-premise GUI to Cloud GUI through inlet
    • CLI access authorization for VOSS on A3
    • Extend health check for A3 proxy to include MQTT
    • A3 support for Hyper-V
    • Configurable log verbosity
    • Upgrade interface and process enhancement 
    • Leverage PKI provider GUI from PF
    • Upgrade process enhancement
    • XCC support for CoA with both Role and VLAN
    • Patch functionality support
    • Performance optimization in both VMware and Hyper-V
    • G-suite integration
    • Extend the health check for PKI-proxy to also include IT enrollment server status
    • Various GUI and usability enhancements

    Here are the Release Notes


    Zdeněk Pala