Cheat Sheet for Radio QoS feature (Guest Network priorization)

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I have a scenario with more than 100 users in an AP (90% of these users are on a Guest SSID). We have 50,000 authentications per day on this network. 

I work in retail. Employees want agility and very low latency to run the application. 

Is there any cheat sheet to work background prioritization on guest networks?

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Posted 2 months ago

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No Airtime-based WLAN Prioritization feature?

If WiNG does not have this function, the only way is to dedicate Access Points to the Guest network only.

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Hello Richard,

I am afraid I do not get the point / question...

What are you looking for actually?
What kind of priorization?

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When I created this topic, I envisioned 2.4 Ghz airtime optimizations. The competitor has tools to optimize the air time, but I understand that it is not possible to perform miracles in this physical environment.

Thanks to NSight the tool has given me a north in air time adjustment.

We have a very high index of retries (around 40%) and in some stores located in very dense places, the 2.4 Ghz network does not meet performance: usage is above 80%.

Observing migrations to VX9000, we can not do magic with this frequency (2.4 Ghz).

In our warehouse as more than 60 APs, I have no problem with using 2.4Ghz because there is no high density of people, APs. It is an "isolated" area, only Symbol collectors on the network.

We have many access points from the old Motorola (many single radio) and the reports generated by the tool will justify the renewal of my park and force the use of devices operating in 5 Ghz (especially the BYOD users), iPads / kiosks .

The use of this frequency, even in stores with very dense places, such as in a place where there are 18,000 people, barely reaches 20% of use. Retry rate at this frequency in most APs is less than 10%.

Aiming at improving the retries I had to use creativity and the suggestion to separate APs for Guest network worked well (palliative solution).

Looking at the NSight tool I did an experiment in a store running the Guest network at 2.4 Ghz on a number of APs, and the number of retries has a noticeable drop, but it does not reach the 5 Ghz levels (20% vs 8%).

If we remove the Guest network at 5 Ghz the retries rate barely reaches 3%.

Now we will better scale the 5 Ghz network and use the 9 non-DFS channels.

I highly recommend the VX9000 and NSight for troubleshooting in the air. Saves a lot of time.