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I’ve been acting as The Hub's Community Manager since October, 2014 and in that time, we've seen improvements in a number of metrics, including unique visitors.

As you know, The Hub is a community of Extreme Networks enthusiasts from all over the world.  So now it’s time to get to know your "Networking Neighbors."

I’ll start.

I’ve been with Extreme Networks for just over 5 years.  I started as an L1 Technical Support Engineer and was quickly promoted to L2 Escalation Support Engineer.  Next, I took over management of our Global Services/TAC Lab.  Since then, I’ve designed and built two labs in India, planned/designed/moved 35 racks of lab gear to our new office in North Carolina in under a week, and implemented a program to teach a team of network engineering interns to accommodate lab requests from GTAC.  Our NC lab is basically a small datacenter – ~20 VMware servers hosting ~75 VMs, 2 storage arrays, 2 network cores, and ~25 distribution switches for aggregation of management ports for somewhere around 1000 devices.  It’s my job as Sr. Lab Systems Engineer to take on new projects and keep the lab running!

On top of this and other roles, I’ve taken on Community Management on The Hub.  I’ve always enjoyed helping people and this is another outlet where I can make a difference – there’s lots of plans to keep on improving our community, so keep an eye out!  When I’m not tinkering in the lab, I enjoy gaming, college sports, and craft beers.

Now it’s your turn!
Please take a minute to share a little bit about your expertise, background, hobbies, specific networking areas of interest – anything you’re comfortable disclosing (employer is interesting but certainly not required).  Maybe you’ve got colleagues or coworkers who can benefit from spending some time here... invite them to join us!

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Drew C., Community Manager

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Posted 4 years ago

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Photo of Daniel Flouret

Daniel Flouret, Employee

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Guess I'm next...

Ive been designing networks in Argentina since 1988. I worked for 3Com as a Network Consultant between 1996 and 2000 and then moved to Extreme Networks when Eric Benhamou decided to kill 3Com's Enterprise Division. I left Extreme in 2002 but returned to the company in 2010.

I'm the Regional Pre-Sales Systems Engineer for LATAM's Southern Cone (Argentina, Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Uruguay, Paraguay and Bolivia).

My personal hobby is growing waterlilies (and drinking good wine while watching them grow...)

(Just for the record, that's a picture of tropical waterlily N. 'Murasaki Shikibu' growing in my pond)
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Hi everybody!

I'm a network engineer from Russia. I work in ISP segment. I have been in front of console window since 2010. Not so long, actually, but I'm trying to learn something about networking every day! I am really interested in communication with colleges from another country. It's a bit difficult because of my pretty poor English )

So... I have bunch of hobbies. I really love networking, analog photo and... horse riding.
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Jeremy Homan

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Hello all!

I've been a long time lurker of these boards, and have been excited to see the growth within the last year! I love consuming technology and learning.

I'm a Sr. Systems Administrator for a non-profit here in the States.  On a daily basis I get to work with all walks of technology.. VMware, Exchange, Citrix, SAN, Phones, ect ect..

My passion is in computer networking, and have been focusing on that for some time. Eventually, I'd like to work on my eXtreme certifications.  Question to you Drew, where does one find good self study material for the ENA/ENS? What path would you recommend someone take?

Routing/Switching is what I enjoy most. Ive been in the Cisco world for years, recently joined the eXtreme world about 2 years ago.

Any advice you'd have would be much appreciated.

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Suzanne Barnett, Alum

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Hi Jeremy,

Extreme Networks does not provide full self-study materials for the ENA/ENS, however we do provide quite a few online, Self-Paced technical training courses. 

With close to 10 hours of recorded lecture content, these 17 modules encompass topics across general networking concepts, ExtremeXOS configurations including scripting basics, and ExtremeEOS configurations capabilities.

These modules are available to Partners, Customers, and Extreme Employees and can be located right off our Extranet as well as PartnerNet.  Here is the link to the new self-paced materials:  

This year we have also phased our the ENA/ENS certifications, the certification requirements and Instructor Led training materials have been replaced with ExtremeXOS Fundamentals (3 day Course) and ExtremeXOS - Switching & Routing (4 day course), as well as a number of other certificiations. Please see the Extreme Networks Education Training page for more details.


Suzanne Barnett

Extreme Networks Technical Training Manager

Superb Info..!!!
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Kyle Buffington

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Hello everyone! 

I am Kyle Buffington and I am a Senior Network Engineer and have been using Extreme Networks for probably 15 years or maybe more. My memory is not the greatest. :)

I help run a medium sized 5 BD8810, 35 X460, 10 EAPS ring network. 
I have worked with Extreme on a lot of different projects and have even worked with the developers on some pretty late hours with some pretty hardcore issues. 

I have enjoyed my Extreme Networks network and will continue to back them as long as we have them in our shop.


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Drew C., Community Manager

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Hi Kyle.  Welcome to The Hub!  Glad to have you.
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Tonya Lilly

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Hello everyone! I am a Network Engineer. I'm new to the Extreme products. Learning a lot and having fun doing so! Any recommendations on where to get started?
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Drew C., Community Manager

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Hi Tonya,
Welcome to The Hub - glad to have you!  You've come to the right place to get started.

Suzanne posted a link above to self-paced training that you may find yourself interested in.  Another document to start with is the EXOS Quick Guide.
Feel free to search and ask questions here on The Hub.  I'd also strongly recommend looking at GTAC Knowledge when you have questions - many common issues are described and resolved there.

Hi everyone...!!!
I am Boopathy Chandrasekar from Bangalore...I am a Network-Engineer...!!!
I don't know Where to begin in Extreme...Because I am new to Extreme product..!!!
If any one have tutorials or videos related to Extreme..Please share with me...!!!
Thanks in advance..!!!!
Photo of Ryan Mathews

Ryan Mathews, Alum

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Looks like you found information on this thread for Training Boopathy.  That's a great place to start.

If you're working with EXOS, here's a link to a quick start guide covering the basics:

In addition to EXOS, there is a ton of information on ExtremeWireless (IdentiFi) and ExtrmeControl (NetSight) on GTAC Knowledge:

The best resource you already found...our Hub Community.  You'll find answers flow freely, conversations move quickly and resolutions evolve daily.

Give a little, get a lot in return.  Welcome to the Hub!  
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Hi everyone.

I am Siva Sivuyile  Ntshobane from South Africa...7 years of experience as a  Network-Engineer...
I have been working with cisco, Net-gear and alcatel-lucent doing configuration most of my experience I have been doing configuration on alcatel-lucent devices.

I’m new on extreme network I don't know Where to begin in Extreme...

 I have downloaded EXOS_Command_Reference_Guide_15_4 and EXOS_Concepts_Guide_15_4 but I still need videos if anyone has them please share with me...

Thanks in advance..!!!!

Photo of Ryan Mathews

Ryan Mathews, Alum

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Welcome to the Hub Sivuyile and Extreme networking.  

Here's a quick EXOS Quick Start Guide that can help you get oriented:

You'll be able off and running quickly with all that networking experience.  Extreme is very standards-based.

Unified Search, GTAC Knowledge and the Hub Community are great resources as you dig in.

In addition, you might check out some of our training offerings to get you started as well:

Again, welcome!  Glad to have you join us.
Photo of Chris Sharp

Chris Sharp

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Hi All,

I am Chris from the UK. I have been in the Networking sphere for around 10 years with a focus on Cisco and Wireless site surveys.

I am just coming back into the Extreme fold having sat my ENA waaay back when and looking to pick up the wireless side of things and looking forward to the challenge due to a new role requiring it.

I have downloaded most of the tech docs but are there any other resources anyone would recommend?

All the best,

Photo of Drew C.

Drew C., Community Manager

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Hello Chris, welcome to The Hub!
Aside from the community, one of the most important resources is the knowledgebase on our support portal.
Everything, including product documentation, is searchable. Take a look around when you have some time - there's a lot there.

Glad to have you join us. If you've got any questions, we're here to help!
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Hi All,

How are you Sir/Ma'am? I am new in extreme products, I have many projects to implement and community hub was very helpful to me. I am learning still and loving the extreme networks switches and Access points. thanks for always helping me to my concerns. God bless
Photo of Toritseju Okpotse

Toritseju Okpotse

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I am very new to extreme networks and actually hoping this is the right platform for my needs. I have just taken on a new job as network engineer and find I have to work with more than just Cisco devices! I am earnestly looking forward to learning from the wealth of experience of others here. Thanks
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Hello Everyone 

I am Luthango and i am a Jnr Network engineer from south africa, I am very new to extreme as i come from a cisco background. I am pretty excited working with extreme switch for the last year till now. I really like the extreme products and i am hoping i can learn from others in this group too. 

My hobbies involve motorcycle riding for hours exploring my country and i love food.

Photo of Alok Shukla

Alok Shukla

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same here i am also from cisco background.
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Drew C., Community Manager

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Glad to have both of you join us on The Hub!