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 Configuration of Multiple BGP links on a single port interface to seperate Jisc locations

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Rod Robertson posted 05-25-2022 07:17

I have a requirement to change the current bgp Jisc ( janet connections ) from a single link and single neighbour, with all the policy entries to support this.

I now have a requirement to actuall add another vlan on the same interface to jisc , where the remote neighbour is at another location.

So the basic network configuration is very normal ..

What I do not understand is do I modify the existing policy files , for example

conf bgp neighbor route-policy in BGP_IN_FROM_JANET

or do I need to create a  new policy for the  new link as it has a different neighbor  though the same AS number

The same discussion re bgp export ospf-internal1 xxx export_policy_from_ospf , do I need a rule per link ?

I look forward to your comments