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 DSCP rewritten on VLL

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Nick Fawcett posted 02-08-2021 18:09

I’ve got two VLL’s for a customer that are configured identically.  The A end of both tunnels are on the same CER and the Z end goes to two different MLX units.  One of the VLL’s has no problem, but the other one does.  I have narrowed the problem down to the CER.  The CER receives the customer traffic inside the VLL with e DSCP 46 EF value, but when it hands it off to the customer it’s changing the DSCP packet to CS1.  The other VLL doesn’t seem to do this.  Any ideas?

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Sam Pirok Best Answer

Hi Nick, thank you for your patience, I ran this by our Data Center techs and they requested we open a case for this issue. If you log in to you should be able to submit a new support ticket. I’m sorry we couldn’t be more helpful here but hopefully one of our engineers can assist you.

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Nick Fawcett

I wanted to share some new information.  I removed the VLL and just created regular L2 vlan from end to end tagging it all along the way.  Now DSCP value in the customers packets are unmodified from A to Z.  I’m completely baffled here