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 Failed to delete topology: Topology 'X' is being used by a Policy or OSPF.

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Jan Reister posted 06-09-2022 03:50
I'm banging my head on an Extreme Wireless Identifi EWC C5210 where some traffic is still directed to an old VNS>Topology (VLAN) after we updated all VNS>Roles to a new set of Topologies (VLAN).

When I try deleting the topology, iIt seems that it is referenced in some Role or OSPF. If I find where it is referenced, I can fix the issue.

I examined all the VNS>Roles and found 2 instances which I deleted:
Navigate to VNS > Role > Select Role > Click advanced button > Remove topology from "vlan's used" column
as explained here:
Solution: Unable to delete topology GUI reports the topology is in use | Extreme Portal

I examined Controller>Network>Routing protocols and OSPF is off and the topology is not referenced.

Still, some traffic is sent to the old topology.

Any idea where I could look?
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Jan Reister
Ok, I found my way out of it. SSH in EWC and download a show run-config, search for the VLAN ID. The VLAN was referenced in a Role's Policy Rules as "contain to vlan" action. It should have been al "Allow" as the original intent was to contain to the Role's default VLAN. Mistery solved.