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 sr2024 Firmware update and ip web access

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linniao posted 08-23-2021 16:39

hello Dear everyone,

I have an aerohive sr2024. Since it has not been used for a long time, its firmware version is out of date.  I want to update it manually, but I cannot find the required file.

Besides, I want to access the web page of the switch through the ip address to configure it, what should I do?

Would it be possible to receive a link so that I can download?



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Sam Pirok Best Answer

Hi , I’ve emailed you the instructions on how to get the firmware files you need to update your switch. Unfortunately there is no Web UI for these devices, so you’ll need to update via the CLI instead.  


, the SR20xx and SR21xx series are not supported in ExtremeCloud IQ, I’m afraid they are only supported on the legacy controller called HiveManager Classic. A quick way to tell what devices are supported in ExtremeCloud IQ is to go to the Monitor> Devices section and try to add a simulated device, the list of available simulated devices is also a list of all the devices ExtremeCloud IQ supports. I’m sorry I don’t have better news here. 

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Sam Pirok

Hello there, I can help you with this. What firmware version are you currently using on this switch? 

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I have the same issue, I have received a decommissioned SR2024 for my enthusiast homelab, I can SSH into the switch but web ui gives me a 503 error. I am not sure if im just out of luck. What command would I use to provide you the firmware version?


Id love to integrate this SR2024 in my homelab, I like to use old enterprise gear to give them a new purpose.


EDIT: running show version results in this:

Version:            HiveOS 6.5r4 Honolulu build-128121
Build time:         Wed May  4 07:13:28 UTC 2016
Build cookie:       1605040013-128121
Platform:           SR2024
Bootloader ver:     v0.0.2.36
TPM ver:            v1.2.35.8

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Sam Pirok

Thanks for letting me know your current version , I’ve emailed you just now with instructions on how to get the file you need and how to update the firmware via the Web UI of your switch. Please let me know if I can help with anything else!

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 I appreciate the email and the instructions, unfortunately the issue is I cannot access the Web UI of the switch in the first place.


The error when trying to connect to the Web UI of the switch.

For instance when I put the local IP address (local IP: in my case) in the url, the page doesn’t load at all.

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Sam Pirok

Thank you for letting me know. We have an alternative method of updating the firmware of your switch via the the CLI, could you try that for me instead? 

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Sam Pirok

Also, my apologies, looks like the SR20xx series doesn’t have a Web UI. Just wanted to let you know there’s nothing wrong on your side of things, sorry for the confusion there. 

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Error I receive when trying to download the firmware image from an http server.

Thank you   for letting me know about the web UI, I find it strange it still have a web server running to render that 503 message, anyway, I take it the only way to configure the Switch is through CLI or the ECIQ (when I tried to add the serial number it stated its not supported)?


Uploading the firmware didn’t work.

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HI !The current firmware version is Version: HiveOS 6.1r1 release build1261
Build time: Mon Jun 24 15:05:01 UTC 2013
Build cookie: 20130624-0989
Platform: SR2024
Bootloader ver: v0.0.1.12
TPM ver: v1.2.35.8
 The problem I encountered is the same as maciox55: web ui gives me a 503 error

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Terry Wilde
Hi @Sam Pirok, could you possible share this with me too?

I also adding a SR2024 to my homelab, currently 6.5r3 installed.

Thank you so much in advance!​
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Sam Pirok
Hi @Terry Wilde, thanks for reaching out here. I've just emailed you the instructions for getting the firmware for the SR2024. Please let me know if I can help with anything else!​
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Hayden Ray
Hi @Sam Pirok, How do we get HiveManager Classic so we can access and utilize these Switches? ​
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Sam Pirok
You'd want to reach out to your local sales engineer to get that process started. If you can let me know generally where you're located, I can send you the contact information for a local sales engineer near you.